With our downloadable collection, you can browse, check out and download popular eBook and audiobook titles. To access the collection from home, or anywhere you can connect to the Internet, all you need is a computer or device with Internet access, a current Hanover Public Library card number in good standing, and the free software to enable the audiobook or eBook downloads.

  • You may check out a maximum of 10 titles per library card,
  • Items are loaned for up to 14 days
  • items are automatically returned, no more late fees!

To get started, visit Ontario Library Service Download Centre  Link to Overdrive

Come to your library to learn how to download free eBooks for your eReader.
You may use the Library’s wireless internet to download eBook titles to your personal laptop or portable device, or you may use this collection from home.  eBooks cannot be downloaded onto public library computers, because of publishing restrictions.  Before you download OverDrive eBooks via your computer, you need to download and authorize your personal computer with Adobe Digital Editions.

For assistance, visit the library or go to the Ontario Library Service Download Centre and use OverDrive Help, or Getting Started guides.
If you have a smart phone or mobile device you can download and install the OverDrive app, available for iOS and android marketplaces. For more information, come to the library or go to the Ontario Library Service Download Centre and select OverDrive Help or the Getting Started guides.