Inter-Library Loans service terminated

We regret to announce that the Inter-library Loans service has been discontinued. The Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) provided the system and shipping service that allowed every library to borrow and lend books and other materials across Ontario. The Provincial government has cut their 2019 budget by more than 50%. They have no choice but to shut down the deliveries system. Further services provided by SOLS and Ontario Library Services North may also be cut. 

Our single library and many others like ours depend heavily on the Ontario-wide services provided by SOLS and OLS-North. In 2018 our library borrowed 1,033 items from other libraries for Hanover members (about 20 items every week). We loaned 2,619 items to other libraries for their members. For this to happen, SOLS vans delivered or picked up 7,300 packages for our library alone in 2018.

To voice concerns, please direct your comments to:

Bill Walker, MPP  for Bruce -Grey-Owen Sound
Toronto: Tel  416-212-2665  Constituency: Toll Free 1-800-461-2664  Tel  519-371-2421 / Fax  519-371-0953  

Michael Tibollo, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport (the ministry that oversees library service)
Toronto: Tel  416-326-9326 / 416-314-1400     Fax   416-326-9338
Constituency: Tel   905-893-4428 / Fax   905-893-4537

InterLibrary Loans

Looking for a book or movie but we don’t have it? We can try to get it by Inter-library Loan. 
Inter-library loan (ILLO) is run by Ontario Library Service’s  INFO service. We request the items you want and find a library who can lend the material. You can request materials from another library in person or from home by using Self-Serve Interlibrary Loan.

Some items are not available by Inter-library Loan. Examples include new releases, popular best sellers, reference material, and items Hanover Public Library already owns. Please note your library account must be in good standing at time of request.


Please request your renewal three (3) business days before your item is due. Renewals are granted at the discretion of the lending library, not the Hanover Public Library.

Overdue Fine

Overdue fine for Inter-library loan items is $1.00 per day

Failure to pick up an Inter-library loan item may result in a fine of $1.00 per item

If you find something you’d like us to get for you, you can also add a “suggestion” on our Library Koha catalogue, or use the contact form to send us your request.

If you want more information about Inter-library Loan or if you would like to speak to Norma, our Interlibrary Loan coordinator, you can call or visit the library or send us an e-mail using our Contact page.