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COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Grey Bruce Public Health Unit is offering pop-up and mobile clinics for the COVID-19 vaccine. Clinics may be offered as Drive-in or Walk-in. Select pharmacies are offering the COVID-19 vaccine, for first and second doses. See below for list of pharmacies in Hanover offering the COVID-19 vaccine.

Who can get the vaccine?

  • Anyone aged 12 and older

Where can I find out when vaccine clinics are happening?

Check the Weekly Clinic Schedule by scrolling to bottom of the page and select weekly vaccine schedule in Grey Bruce in the Vaccine Dashboard box.

How do I book my appointment?

By Phone: Call the Provincial number: 1-888-999-6488


Walk-in Appointments

Walk-in without appointment will be available as supply allows. Follow the Grey Bruce Public Health Facebook page or Grey Bruce Public Health Unit Twitter Feed for drop-in clinic announcements and updates (including when drop-in clinics close).

How do I get my vaccine receipt to show I got a COVID-19 vaccine?

If you provided an email address when you booked your vaccine appointment, your receipt will be emailed to you. Library staff can help you to print a copy in the library or help you to use our remote printing service.

If you did not provide an email address you can log in to the provincial portal to download or print an electronic COVID-19 vaccine receipt (PDF) for each dose you have received.

Receipts are available:

  • for first and second doses received in Ontario (once you get them)
  • regardless of where you were vaccinated (for example, at a mass immunization clinic, hospital, pharmacy or primary care setting)

To use the provincial portal to get your receipt, you will need:

  • green photo health (OHIP) card (you will need numbers from both the front and back of the card, expired cards will be accepted)
  • your date of birth
  • your postal code (the one associated with your health card)


If you have a red and white health card, call the Provincial Vaccine Booking Line at 1-833-943-3900. The call centre agent can email you a copy of your receipt.

Pharmacy Vaccine Locations in Hanover


Address: 342 10th Street | Phone: 519-364-2300

Vaccine Type: Moderna (age 18 and older)

Book online:

Loblaw Pharmacy (Grant’s Your Independent Grocer)

Address: 832 10th Street | Phone: 519-364-4661

Vaccine Type: Pfizer (age 12 or older)

Book online:

Shoppers Drug Mart

Address: 895 10th Street | Phone: 519-364-3141

Vaccine Type: Pfizer (age 12 or older)

Book online:

Wal-Mart Pharmacy

Address: 1100 10th Street | Phone: 519-364-0645

Vaccine Type: Moderna (age 18 and older)

Book online:


Address: 118 7th Avenue, Unit 101 | Phone: 519-364-4422

Vaccine Type: Moderna (age 18 and older)

Book online:

Frequently Asked Questions

Requirement for Proof of Vaccination in Certain Settings: Frequently Asked Questions

Is transportation available to get to clinics?

  • Call 211 and ask about transportation.
  • GTR Transportation: for routes and fares.
  • Do you have a physical disability or mobility issue and no access to safe transportation during COVID-19? The Accessible Drive to Vaccines Program provides door-to-door rides to vaccination sites for people with disabilities, including seniors with mobility issues, who face challenges accessing safe transportation. For more information or to Request a Ride.

Who is eligible for a third dose?

On August 17, 2021, the province announced updates to many vaccine strategies, including Ontario’s Updated COVID-19 Vaccination Eligibility (third dose and more to select qualifying groups) – Public Health will not be administering these vaccines. Your physician or specialist will be in touch to schedule the vaccine. Do not call to try to get one.  Proof of qualification will be required to get this 3rd dose.

Eligible groups are:

  • Transplant recipients (including solid organ transplant and hematopoietic stem cell transplants)
  • Patients with hematological cancers (examples include lymphoma, myeloma, leukemia) on active treatment (chemotherapy, targeted therapies, immunotherapy) for malignant hematologic disorders
  • Recipients of an anti-CD20 agent (e.g. rituximab, ocrelizumab, ofatumumab)
  • Residents of high-risk congregate settings including long-term care homes, higher-risk licensed retirement homes and First Nations elder care lodges

Do I still have to practice public health measures like wearing a mask and physical distancing after I’m vaccinated?

Yes. Until a vaccine is widely available and a large percentage of the population becomes immune to COVID-19, we all have to continue to follow public health measures and rules for our region and continue to take everyday actions to help stop the spread of the virus. Why?

  • While the vaccine(s) offers protection against COVID-19, there is not sufficient data yet on prevention of transmission.
  • It takes time for a vaccine to develop its protective effects (i.e. a month or longer).
  • We are still experiencing high COVID-19 infection rates, which has placed intense strain on our hospitals and health systems, as well as the health care workers who have been on the front lines of this crisis for many months.
  • Not everyone will get the vaccine, meaning there will still be a risk of transmission.
  • For more information: About COVID-19 Vaccines (

For these reasons it is important that everyone, including those who have been vaccinated, continue to physical distance, wear a mask when we can, and wash/sanitize our hands frequently.

For more vaccine information:

Visit Grey Bruce Public Health website:

Call the Grey Bruce Health Unit Vaccine Information Line:


Contact the library if you need assistance booking your appointment!