Seeking new Library Board Members

We are looking for new individuals to join our library board. As a trustee with the Hanover Public Library Board, you will become an advocate for our library and actively support and promote our library as a vital community hub and resource in the digital era. Read more about being a Library Board trustee in our Trustee-recruitment-letter

What Does the Library Board Do?

  • Ensure delivery of programs and services that serve the needs of our diverse community
  • Evaluate the performance of the library within the community and adjust its goals and objectives where needs are not being me
  • Develop a Strategic Plan to establish long term goals and objectives for the library system
  • Present a budget to the Municipal Council that reflects the library’s Strategic Plan and identified community needs
  • Ensure excellent management of the library on behalf of the community within the budget approved by the municipality

Who Can be a Library Board Member?

As required by The Public Libraries Act,
You must:
Be a Canadian Citizen
Be over 18 years of age
Be a resident of the municipality (live in Hanover)
Not work for the library or the municipality

What qualities should a Library Board Member have?

  • Interested in making a difference in the future success of your community
  • Prepared to represent the interests, concerns, and attitudes of your community
  • Open to learning about library programs and services that inform and enrich your community
  • Available to attend board and committee meetings and to come prepared to contribute
  • Willing to become more aware of the bigger picture by learning about public library issues

How Do I apply?

Apply online using the fillable form on the Town of Hanover website,  , Or

Pick up an application form in person at the Civic Centre Administration Office,

Please submit your application to Marilyn Zettler, Administrative Assistant, Town of Hanover

Application Deadline: November 30th

Appointments will be approved by Council by December 17th

Who Do I Contact for More Information?

You can contact Hanover Public Library CEO/Chief Librarian Agnes Rivers-Moore

  • in person at the library
  • by phone 519.364.1420 ext. 1244
  • by email

Or you can contact any current member of the Library Board