Movement Activities

A robot and a girl dance together.

Check out some of the Movement Activities that go along with Storytime to encourage play and movement!




Egg Drop – August 10th

STEAM/ Movement

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This weeks Story Time Book:
You Hold Me Up 

Supplies needed: 
Household materials that can get messy 
Some eggs

Egg Drop

Sometimes people need help when they fall. The people that you put on your tree help you when you fall. Do the same for your egg. 

Take items from around the house to protect your egg and then drop it from a high place to see if you succeeded! 

Some examples are sponges, containers, a parachute, toilet paper tubes.

Take some cool pictures and send them our way!

Fish Bubbles – July 14th

Hanover Public Library Movement Activity. 

All links for Virtual Story Time Available at:

This weeks Story Time Book: My Goldfish by Stephane Barroux. 

Supplies needed: 
Dish soap 
A plate or bin 
Corn syrup

Fish bubbles Instructions

Mix four tablespoons of dish soap, two table spoons of corn syrup with one cup of water.

Stir them up really well!

Tie two strings between two sticks.

Pour bubble solution onto a plate or bin.

Lay string flat on plate and slowly lift the sticks up! Wave the sticks around slowly and this should make a bubble!

Take some cool pictures and send them our way!


Bot’s Day Out – July 6th

Take your bot on an outdoor adventure and take lots of pictures to make your own story!

Check out Moira’s example!

A comic strip of a craft robot doing various things. 

First panel: Robot is shown with a sunscreen bottle with sunscreen on it's face. Text says: One day, Bot and Moira went on an outdoor adventure. But when they got there Bot remembered....We've got to put sunscreen on first!!

Second panel: A cup sits facing towards a gravel trail. Text says: After that they got out and went for a nice long walk too see what they could find...

Third panel: Robot is seen in a tree. Text says: ... Bot quickly found a tree to climb and up he went. How do I get down from here?

Fourth panel: Robot looks over a lake. Text says: Next they found a lovely spot to go swimming.

Fifth panel: Robot is in the river. Text says: After checking for sharks first Bot hopped right in! IT'S COLD!!!!!

Sixth panel: Robot sits drinking a slush drink. Text says: Once they Bot and Moira were done swimming it was time to go get a treat!

Seventh Panel: Robot sits in a car seat with a seatbelt on. Text says: Then it was time to get in the car and go home. Bot and Moira were sad the day was coming to an end. 

Final panel: Robot laying in bed with blankets pulled up. Text says: Goodnight Bot! See you tomorrow for our next outdoor adventure!

Now time to make your own!

A blank comic strip similar set up to the one above but for fill in. Includes Hanover Public Library logo. Says blank plus bot's day out.

Move Like A…. Card Game – June 30th

Below are print out/ follow along copies of the Movement Game for “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” by Mo Williams. Print out the cards or click through them to play the game whenever you’d like! 

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