Library Membership

Library membership is free to people who live in the Town of Hanover, own a business in the Town of Hanover, and people who pay property taxes to the Town of Hanover.

How to get a library card:


Please bring two pieces of identification with you to sign up for a library membership. One must be valid photo ID that shows who you are. The other must show where you live, such as a recent utility or tax bill, dated less than 2 months ago.

Children (Birth-12)

Children 12 and under must be signed up by a parent or guardian using proper photo and address ID. 

Teens 13 +

Teens 13 and over may sign up by themselves.  You will need one piece of ID (preferably with photo), and one piece of address ID. 

I don’t live in Hanover. Can I still have a library card?

Yes.  You are welcome to join our library! Anyone who lives outside of Hanover’s town limits can get a membership here, but you must pay a non-resident fee . If you own property within the Town of Hanover, or if you own a business operating out of a property in Hanover, you are eligible for a free membership. Please bring a current Town of Hanover tax bill or your business documents with you, as well as ID and proof of your home address when you come to sign up. 

You do not need a membership to visit the library, read or use the computers here, or attend library events and programmes. Please see our Policies page for more details.

Why is there a non-resident fee?

Public libraries in Ontario receive over 90% of their funding from the municipality or county in which they are located. Residents of the Town of Hanover receive free memberships to the library because their municipal tax dollars support the library. Therefore, if you pay your taxes to West Grey your money supports the West Grey Library System and you can join there for free. Likewise, if you live in Bruce County, you can be a member of the Bruce County Public Library for free. Hanover Library is funded by a small community compared with either of those systems, and does not have enough resources to provide services for everyone wishing to have a membership.

How did we decide the fee for non-residents?

We calculate the membership fee each year for non-residents by dividing the Town of Hanover’s contribution to our budget by the total number of people living in the Town. That way, each non-resident person who chooses to join our library pays the same to use it as all Hanover residents have already paid to run it. Please see the fee schedule for the current non-resident fee. Please refer any concerns about provision of library services to your local municipal government. Thank you for your understanding.