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May 27, 2021

Upcoming Adult Summer Reading Challenge

Now that our Memoir Month program is about done (the draw for the $25 gift card from Grant’s Your Independent Grocer will take place June 16th, so get your ballots in before that!), it’s time to look forward to another reading program we are doing for the summer.

Beginning June 21 – the first official day of summer! – the Hanover Public Library will be holding an Adult Summer Reading Challenge. You may remember that we did one during the summer of 2019 called “Around the World in 7 Books”. It was hugely successful, with lots of folks taking part and winning prizes. This summer we will be doing it again, only this time the theme is “Through Time in 6 Books”. When you sign up, you will receive a booklet to track your reading, and a reading list featuring books about different eras in human history: Ancient Times, Middle Ages, Renaissance, 18th/19th Centuries, 20th Century, and Current and Future. There will be lots of books to choose from on the list, both fiction and non-fiction, and you can read in any order you like: start in ancient times and work your way forward, or start in the future and work your way back, or start in the middle and get random! When you have read six books, one from each time period, hand in your booklet to be entered in the draw. This year, the Hanover Chamber of Commerce has kindly donated Chamber Bucks to be used as prizes for this program. Chamber Bucks are great – you can spend them like cash at any participating shops and services, and the money stays in our community to support local businesses. (Hint: they make great gifts, and are available for purchase at the Chamber office.)

Any adult library member is eligible to participate. (If you’re not a member yet, get in touch with us at (519)364-1420 or so we can remedy that situation!) The program will run from June 21 until September 7, so you will have lots of time to get your reading done. Watch this space in the Post for more details, or check out our website,, and get ready to time-travel with us this summer!

Thank You!

The 2021 Canadian Tire Hanging Basket Sale is over for another year, and we just wanted to send out a great big thank you to a bunch of people. To Dale and Cathy Cousins, the store owners who do this great thing to support Hanover’s public library, and to their wonderful staff at Canadian Tire Hanover, you’re the best! We appreciate this support deeply, and are thrilled to be able to do more for our community due to your generosity and hard work. And to everyone who came out and bought hanging baskets at Canadian Tire during the month of May, thank you for doing this good deed. We hope your flowers bring you happiness this summer. As soon as we know the grand total we will share the good news with everyone.

May 20, 2021

Still Time to Visit Hanging Basket Sale!

There are still a few days left in May, and that means you still have time to take advantage of the Canadian Tire Hanging Basket sale in support of the Hanover Public Library. You can snag some gorgeous floral hanging baskets for a superb price – just $10.99 each – and $1 from the sale of each one will be donated to the library to support our programs and services in the community. Surround yourself with beauty and know you’ve helped a worthy cause. The sale ends when the month of May does, so make sure to get there soon!

We Are Hiring for Summer!

Do you know a young person who is looking for a great summer job? The Hanover Public Library is searching for a summer student to work as our Children’s Programme Assistant. We are looking for someone who can help engage our kids in online programming, challenges and contests. Working hours for the Programme Assistant are flexible and may be completed at home, at the library or a mix of both depending on how government health restrictions evolve. Shifts may include some evenings and weekends. As this position is funded by Young Canada Works, there are certain conditions which must be met: applicants must be 16 – 30 years of age. Applicants must also have been a full-time student in the semester preceding the job, and intend to return to full-time studies in the semester following the summer. If you know of someone for whom this job would be a good fit, please let them know to visit our website to see further information on how to apply. The deadline for applications is May 28, so don’t delay!

 Memoir Month Wraps Up Soon

May has been Memoir Month, and library members have been participating enthusiastically by borrowing and reading non-fiction biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs. You have until end of May to borrow biographies and receive a ballot to enter the contest, and we will be doing the draw on Wednesday, June 16, so you will have a couple of weeks to get the book read and your ballot returned to us. The prize is a $25 gift card for Grants Your Independent Grocer, so it’s well worth taking the time to borrow a biography! Our thanks go to Grant’s for their kind donation in support of the library.

If you would like to participate but need help selecting a biography, please let us know by calling (519)364-1420 or e-mailing We would be pleased to assist you in choosing a book you’re sure to enjoy!

May 14, 2021

Canadian Tire Hanging Basket Sale

The long weekend is almost here, and you’ll have plenty of time to get to the Hanover Canadian Tire to pick up your hanging baskets! The garden centre is open for you to browse and shop, and your gardener’s heart will be made happy by the huge variety of beautiful plants and flowers. The 10” hanging baskets are only $10.99 each – a very special price – and $1 from the sale of each one will be donated to the Hanover Library. This is a terrific opportunity to get something for yourself – or for a friend or loved one – and do something good for your community as well. Fresh shipments are coming in every few days, with gorgeous petunias, million bells, fuchsias, begonias, geraniums, ferns, and much more to choose from. Now that the weather is improving and the days are longer and warmer, any plants you select are likely to thrive (just remember to water them.) Make your home beautiful and support your library too – it’s a win-win!

Curbside Pick-up Continues at the Library

It looks like we will be carrying on with curbside pickup for a while yet – but that’s okay, we’ve gotten quite good at it, and so have our library users! Remember, you can see what we have available to borrow on our website, – simply click on the Koha icon on our main page and you can search for your favourite authors or search by title or subject. Also at the top of our main page are buttons you can click on to find out what’s new in books and movies, and what books are coming soon. You can sign in with your username and password to place your own holds on items, or call (519)364-1420, or e-mail and we can do it for you. Not sure what you want? Just ask us! Library staff members are very good at finding books and movies for you that you will enjoy. Now that the weather’s improving, reading on the deck or in the back yard is an appealing thought, and the library can help you make it happen.

May 6, 2021

Memoir Month

The forget-me-nots are blooming, and when you see them, let them remind you to take part in the Hanover Library’s Memoir Month contest. We have some absolutely unforgettable stories of real people and real lives in our extensive biography section, and this month you can enter to win a prize just for borrowing and reading some!

Simply place a hold on a biography or memoir. You can sign in on our website to your library account and then browse the collection on-line; or call or e-mail the library and ask us for a recommendation based on your interests. Pick the book up curbside, and receive a ballot with the book as your draw entry. You can return the ballot with the book, or you can call (519)364-1420 or e-mail us at, and we will enter a ballot on your behalf. The contest closes at the end of May and the draw will be held in mid-June for a $25 gift card from Grant’s Your Independent Grocer in Hanover. Our thanks go out to Grant’s for their kind donation of this valuable prize.

We have biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs that recount the lives of movie stars, musicians, politicians, soldiers, journalists, royalty, artists, and just ordinary people who found themselves in extraordinary situations. Some of the greatest stories you will ever read can be found between the covers of biographies, so join us for this special program in May. Not a library member yet? Call or e-mail us and find out how you can get your library card at curbside.

Here are just a few of our most recently-acquired biographies:

  • “Walking With Ghosts: a memoir” by Gabriel Byrne
  • “All Together Now: a Newfoundlander’s light tales for heavy times” by Alan Doyle
  • “Crossroads: my story of tragedy and resilience as a Humboldt Bronco” by Kaleb Dahlgren
  • “Broken (in the best possible way)” by Jenny Lawson
  • “The Happiest Man on Earth: the beautiful life of an Auschwitz survivor” by Eddie Jaku
  • “Lady in Waiting: my extraordinary life in the shadow of the crown” by Anne Glenconner
  • “Extraordinary Canadians: stories from the heart of our nation” by Peter Mansbridge
  • You can see, even from this small sample, the wide variety of biographies that awaits you at the Hanover Library, so get in touch with us and read about some fascinating lives!

Hanging Basket Sale in Full Swing

The greatest thing about May in Hanover is the Canadian Tire Hanging Basket Sale. Once more this year, it’s running the entire month of May, so you don’t have to wait until the Victoria Day weekend to shop. This is to avoid the crowds so that shopping for your beautiful hanging baskets will be safer. They’re only $10.99 each, and $1 from the sale of each one will be donated to the Hanover Library, so it’s a win for everyone! Drop by Canadian Tire’s garden centre and have a look – you will be impressed! Thanks as ever to Dale and Cathy Cousins and their wonderful staff for their continued support of the library.

April 29, 2021

Hanging Basket Sale 2021 Has Begun!

Here’s an easy way to support the Hanover Public Library and get something beautiful for yourself or a loved one: the Canadian Tire Hanging Basket Sale! Once again this year, Canadian Tire Hanover has organized a sale of lovely hanging baskets, to run the entire month of May. (Normally it’s the long May weekend only, but in order to avoid creating crowds, Dale and Cathy Cousins and their staff have extended the sale for the whole month. This includes Mother’s Day, just saying…). They will be getting in gorgeous, lush hanging baskets all month long, with fresh shipments frequently, so you’ll have lots to choose from. The price is unbeatable – only $10.99 – and $1 from the sale of each one will be donated to the library. Canadian Tire Hanover has been supporting the library in this way for several years now, and we are so grateful for this funding which helps us offer more resources to our community. Be a part of this grand event this year by beautifying your home with hanging baskets from Canadian Tire!

Age-Friendly Committee Needs Your Help!

The Hanover Age Friendly Committee (of which the library is a part) is presently working on a Seniors’ Directory, an easy-to-use listing of services in our community. Now the committee needs your help:  if you are a current or former Hanover resident, finish this sentence: “I remember when…”. Quotes should reflect what life was like in Hanover in years past. Here are a couple of examples to get you started:

– I remember when…..Traveling down Main Street meant there were two ruts in the road to help guide your car through.”  

– I remember when…..On Victoria Day in May you had to go for a swim in the river or you were called a chicken.”  

Can you contribute an “I remember when…” for this worthwhile project? Send your quote to by May 13. Thanks for your help!

Bruce and Grey Community Health and Well-being Survey

The municipalities in Bruce-Grey are doing a survey of citizens to find out how we are all feeling about our communities. Do you feel safe living here? Are you happy with the way things are or do you see room for improvement? You can make your voice heard by filling out this survey on-line at You can also request a paper copy from the Hanover Library. Simply call the Library at 519 364 1420 and ask for the survey. We will make an appointment for you to pick up through our contactless curbside service. At your appointment time, come to the east door of the Civic Centre (Clock Tower side). If driving, open the trunk or a window away from the driver/occupants, and staff will drop the survey in through your vehicle window. If walking/cycling, staff will place it on a table outside the building for you to pick up. Completed surveys can be dropped off through the Town mail slot on the east side, or the Library book drop on the west side of the Civic Centre. 

April 22, 2021

Curbside Pickup Is Back at the Library

The current pandemic situation in Ontario means we all have to be flexible and be ready to pivot at a moment’s notice in order to be safe. Provincial guidelines make it possible for the Hanover Public Library to offer curbside pickup of books, DVDs, and other library materials. Now that case numbers are starting to settle downwards in Grey Bruce, we feel we can get back to doing what we do best. Please call the library at (519)364-1420 or visit our website,, for more information about how curbside delivery works, how to place holds, and how to make appointments for pickup.

May is Memoir Month

As the forget-me-nots bloom in May, let them remind you to get in touch with the library and request some books! In May we are running a special program to encourage our community to enjoy more memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies. The Hanover Library has a wonderful selection of these types of books, in regular and large print, and as audiobooks. The Biographies section includes books about the lives of artists, writers, movie stars, musicians, politicians, soldiers, royalty, and sometimes, just ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Every time you borrow a biography book in the month of May, you will receive a ballot. When you return the book, return the ballot with your contact information and the name of the book you read. You may also phone us at (519)364-1420 or e-mail and we will fill out a ballot for you. In early June we will draw from all the entries, and the winner will receive a $25 grocery gift card from Grant’s Your Independent grocer! Many thanks to Grant’s for their generous donation of this great prize. We hope you participate in this engaging program, and if you would like some help selecting a biography that would interest you, just ask us!

Hanging Basket Sale is Coming Closer

It’s almost time for Canadian Tire’s Hanging Basket sale in support of the Hanover Public Library! Once again this year, in order to avoid crowding, the sale will run the entire month of May. Gorgeous hanging baskets of flowers will be available for a special low price, and one dollar from the sale of each one will be donated to the library. We are so grateful to Dale and Cathy Cousins and their staff for their ongoing support of the library. We hope to see you there in May!

Winners from April Break Contest

Our Children’s Services librarian, Stephanie, has just revealed the names of the winners from the April break contests at the library. Each time someone participated in an event (and sent us a photo) they got an entry into the prize draw. Events included the escape room, craft activities, STEAM activity and Lego Bingo. The winners are Adalyn Garland, Lauren McCulloch, and Marika, Ruth and Rien Claassen. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated.

March 11

New DVDs at the Library

The Hanover Public Library receives shipments of new books weekly; but the library also receives new DVDs quite frequently. There have been some delays in getting new movies and TV shows, due to the fact that productions of these shows have been shut down for long periods because of pandemic precautions. But the supply has begun to flow once again now that new seasons of television shows and new movies are being made and issued on DVD for home use. Here are just a few of our latest acquisitions:


  • – “Ammonite” starring Kate Winslet
  • – “Stars Fell on Alabama” starring Richard Maslow
  • – “Love, Weddings, and Other Disasters” starring Diane Keaton
  • – “The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee” starring Paul Hogan
  • – “Wild Mountain Thyme” starring Emily Blunt
  • – “Wrong Turn” starring Matthew Modine
  • – “Greenland” starring Gerard Butler
  • – “Elizabeth is Missing” starring Glenda Jackson

TV Series:

  • – “All Creatures Great and Small”, the new remake starring Samuel West
  • – “Victoria” Season 3 starring Jenna Coleman
  • – “The Long Song” starring Tamara Lawrance
  • – “Miss Scarlet and the Duke” starring Kate Phillips

DVDs can be borrowed for one week. You can select from the library’s collection of over 3,700 titles for all ages. All you need is a library card, and you can create some wonderful movie nights – just add popcorn!

Spring is Springing!

There are robins and red-winged blackbirds singing in the trees, and some people are even reporting snowdrops and crocus blooming in the gardens. Seed companies and plant nurseries say they had a banner year last year, and this year is looking to be even busier. It’s almost time to get into the garden, so be ready! Whether you are newbie or a seasoned gardener, the Hanover Public Library has loads of gardening books to help you plan, design, and create gardens and keep them looking and producing beautifully.

Here are just a few titles that we have in our collection – there are many more!

  • – “The New Canadian Garden” by Mark Cullen
  • – “Food to Grow: a simple no-fail guide to growing your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs” by Frankie Flowers
  • – “The Guide to Human Critter Control” by Theresa Rooney
  • – “Straw Bale Gardens Complete: breakthrough vegetable gardening method” by Joel Karsten
  • – “Pot It Up: 150 fresh ideas for beautiful, easy-to-grow containers” by Frankie Flowers
  • – “How to Make a Garden: 7 essential steps for the Canadian gardener” by Marjorie Harris
  • – “Dryland Gardening: plants that survive and thrive in tough conditions” by Jennifer Bennett
  • – “Landscaping Ideas that Work” by Julie Moir Messervy
  • – “Canadian Garden Design: ideas and inspiration for your garden” by Mark Cullen

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, please talk to library staff – we can request books through interlibrary loan from all over the province.

March 4, 2021

Interlibrary Loan

Public libraries in Ontario serve the communities in which they are located, but in a very real sense, we also serve the whole province. The interlibrary loan system has gone through some challenges in the past couple of years, but is still there to help all our users to access items not available locally.

Even though we were closed for a couple of months in 2020, the Hanover Public Library still brought in almost 300 items for our members from other libraries: books, audiobooks, and DVDs. (Normally we bring in around a thousand items, but numbers are down due to service interruptions.)

When someone asks us for an item we don’t have in our collection, we search for it in the interlibrary loan online system. If we can find it at another library, we make a request for it, and the system creates a list of all the libraries that have one. Each library is asked in turn until the request gets a “yes” from one of the libraries. The lending library pops it in the mail, and a few days later it arrives at our library. We get in touch with the person who requested it and get it into their hands as quickly as possible.

There are a few caveats, though. Newly-released items cannot be sourced through interlibrary loan, as they will be in high use at their home library, so we generally only request items that are more than a year old. Only some libraries will lend DVDs, so they can be a bit harder to track down. And you’ll want to return interlibrary loan items before the due date: the overdue fine for material belonging to other libraries is $1 per day. We can sometimes renew interlibrary loan material if the lending library agrees, but we need a few days’ notice before the due date, so get in touch if you need more time. We do our very best to find and access these materials for you, but sometimes they just aren’t out there to find. That’s rare, though – most of the time, some library in Ontario has what you want. At the moment, some libraries are still not offering interlibrary loans, but hopefully everyone should be back in business by the summertime.

So if there is something you’re wanting to read or view, and we don’t currently have it at our library, let us try to get it for you from another library. We will make every effort to get it for you!

Reminder: Appointments Still Needed

Although we have our doors open so you can come in to pick up your bags of books, DVDs, and audiobooks, or to use a computer, please remember we still need you to make an appointment. This is so we don’t have too many people show up at once – we can only have three people safely in our foyer. If you receive an e-mail that your material is ready for pickup, you can make an appointment yourself by clicking on the Appointlet link in the email; or you can call us at (519) 364-1420 for appointments for pickup and computer use.

Appointments are not needed for picking up printouts or bagtags.

February 25

Hanover Public Library has New Books!

As always, new books are arriving every week at the Hanover Public Library – we need to keep the many enthusiastic readers in our community happy! Here are a few of the latest titles – log into your account or call the library to place holds on your favourites:

  • Missing and Endangered by J.A. Jance
  • A Fatal Lie by Charles Todd
  • Relentless: a Gray Man novel by Mark Greaney
  • A Town Called Solace by Mary Lawson
  • The Beekeeper’s Daughter by Santa Montefiore
  • Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane
  • Faithless in Death by J.D. Robb
  • The Power Couple by Alex Berenson
  • The Paris Library by Janet Skeslien Charles
  • The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah
  • The Russian by James Patterson
  • The Wrong Family by Tarryn Fisher
  • Our Darkest Night by Jennifer Robson
  • The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett
  • Keep Sharp: build a better brain at any age by Sanjay Gupta
  • A Promised Land by Barack Obama
  • Untamed by Glennon Doyle
  • Two Trees Make a Forest by Jennifer Lee
  • Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey
  • If I Knew Then: finding wisdom in failure and power in aging by Jann Arden
  • War: How Conflict Shaped Us by Margaret Macmillan
  • Animal, Vegetable, Junk: a history of food from sustainable to suicidal by Mark Bittman
  • Just as I am: a memoir by Cicely Tyson
  • Home Body by Rupi Kaur

Have you been enjoying the Bridgerton series on television? Did you know that series is based on books by Julia Quinn? The Hanover Public Library has the series, so if you have watched the series and are wishing there was more, try the books!

In fact, many of the most popular TV series are based on books that are available at the Hanover Public Library: Longmire, The Last Kingdom, Game of Thrones, The Queen’s Gambit, Shetland, Grantchester, Murdoch Mysteries, and Vera, just to name a few. You can take a deeper dive into the stories you loved on TV by reading the books!

Grey County Reads

For the past few years, South Grey News has been organizing a wonderful event called Grey County Reads. Patterned after CBC’s Canada Reads, Grey County Reads has people in the community advocate for books that they feel everyone in our region should read. The difference with Grey County Reads is that everyone can vote for their favourite book out of the year’s contestants, and prizes can be won, both by individuals and by their community’s public library. This year, Hanover Library’s Norma Graham is advocating for the book “From the Ashes: my story of being Metis, homeless, and finding my way” by Jesse Thistle. You can read about it and about all the books vying for the top spot on the Grey County Reads webpage at  Then you can vote for the one you think all of Grey County should read!

February 18

Hanover Public Library Reopens This Week

Now that the Civic Centre is open to the public once again, the Hanover Public Library is happy to be welcoming people back in person into the library. As was the case back before Christmas, you may step into the vestibule of the library to pick up books, DVDs, magazines, and audiobooks.

As before, we can’t yet allow browsing of the shelves, but at least you can collect your borrowed material inside the building. There are safety measures in place, including plastic shields at the information desk, a debit machine that allows tap, and more. Hand sanitizer will be available as you enter and leave.

Our hours for being open to the public will be: Monday: 12 noon to 6:30 pm; Tuesday to Friday: 10 am to 6:30 pm. We will not be open on weekends yet, since the Civic Centre building will be closed and locked.

Here are the rules to which we all must adhere for everyone’s safety:

Masks covering the nose and mouth must be worn. If you cannot wear a mask, we will offer outdoor curbside service, but entry into the library will not be allowed. If you are feeling unwell, please stay home.

We still require appointments for pickups and for membership ID checks. Call the library at (519)364-1420 or visit our website,, for more information on how to set up appointments.

We can only allow 3 customers in the vestibule at one time. Library visitors must stay 2 metres apart from each other for safety’s sake.

Do you need bag tags, photocopies, council meeting minutes, or tourism information pamphlets and maps? Are you just popping in for a short visit for WiFi, printing from your device, help with choosing your next read, questions answered? No appointment needed, but be aware you may have to wait a few minutes until there is space to allow you in.

If you need longer interactions with specific staff – such as computer help – you will need to make an appointment and you will be screened beforehand so everyone stays safe.

The library will have one computer in the vestibule, which can be used by appointment for email, printing, etc. It will be sanitized after each use.

Outdoor curbside pickup will still be available if you don’t wish to come inside. It will be by appointment, and we will ask you to call when you arrive so we can bring your items out to you.

Although we can’t yet allow the public to browse the shelves, we are happy to run and get you what you want. We will also have a selection of books and movies on a cart in the vestibule for you to choose from. These items will be sanitized and then quarantined at the end of each day and a new selection put in their place.

We will be very happy to see everyone again – we will be smiling behind our masks!

Ontario Parks Passes Now Available to Borrow

Borrow a Parks Day Pass with your Hanover Public Library card and enjoy free visits to Ontario’s Provincial Parks in 2021!

We know that time spent outdoors is good for our physical and emotional health. With more than 100 operating provincial parks to choose from, you can explore skiing and hiking trails and day use beaches across our beautiful province.

You can borrow a park pass for one week. There is a limit of one pass per household. Passes will only be loaned to adults.

We recommend that you check the Ontario Parks website for up-to-date information to plan your trip, as the pass does not guarantee park entry. Park operating dates and capacity limitations as well as COVID -19 restrictions may apply.

Any time is a great time to get outside and enjoy nature – and a free pass to Ontario’s provincial parks makes it that much better!

February 4, 2021

New at the Library: Online access to newspapers and magazines

Are you missing reading newspapers and magazines? The Hanover Public Library now offers online access to CPI.Q. This is a database that is filled with hundreds of newspaper and magazine publications and articles. CPI.Q is easily searchable if you’re looking for a specific topic, such as “dog behaviour” or “curry recipes”; or you can read the articles from a newspaper or magazine for a specific date, such as yesterday’s Kitchener-Waterloo Record or back issues of Chatelaine or Maclean’s. This is a superb resource for students or for anyone who likes to stay up to date on news and issues. Over 1300 publications are available on CPI.Q, and access is free to library members – you just need your library card number, then you can get browsing! If you don’t have a library membership, please contact us at the Hanover Public Library at (519)364-1420 about how to get one. This is only one of many online resources the library offers – especially important when we are staying home to stay safe.

Birds of Ontario Presentation

Although we are not currently able to have in-person programs and events, the Hanover Public Library is thrilled to offer an on-line presentation by David Chapman on the Birds of Ontario. David has visited the library several times as a speaker, and his beautiful video presentations are always well-attended and appreciated. This on-line show is available via the library’s website,, for a few weeks yet, so make sure to visit and spend some time viewing the show. The colourful birds and fascinating information make for a pleasant break from winter, and it’s free to everyone, so don’t miss it.

Have you tried audiobooks?

Are you too busy doing crafts, household chores, or working from home to read? Do your eyes get tired and sore when you try to read? Give audiobooks a try! It’s a great way to enjoy a book while you do other things. The Hanover Public Library has over 1200 books on CD that members can borrow: novels, biographies, historical narratives, self-help, and much more! We have them for all ages too, from young children to teens to adults. I can tell you from experience that listening to an audiobook while housecleaning or washing dishes takes away much of the drudgery – you’ll be done the work before you know it, because you’ve been immersed in the story you’ve been listening to!

Here are a few of our newest audiobooks on CD at the library. Sign into your account and place holds on the ones that appeal to you.

  • “Troubles in Paradise” by Elin Hilderbrand
  • “The return” by Nicholas Sparks
  • “The Russian” by James Patterson
  • “A Promised Land” by Barack Obama
  • “The Paris Library” by Janet Skeslien Charles
  • “Dolly Parton, Storyteller: my life in lyrics” by Dolly Parton
  • “Camino Winds” by John Grisham
  • “Just as I Am: a memoir” by Cicley Tyson
  • “Credible Threat” by J. A. Jance
  • “Journey of the Pharaohs” by Clive Cussler
  • “The Guest List” by Lucy Foley

You can also download e-audiobooks from Overdrive and Libby – thousands to choose from! Check out details on our website about these and other on-line resources: 

January 28, 2021

Family Day February 15

The Library will be celebrating Family Day virtually this year with some family fun! Get cozy and join Stephanie and Lainie for a live on-line storytime and craft. We will also be setting up a scavenger hunt for your family to complete around town, with prizes for the first family to finish! So whether you’re in the mood for some fresh air, or staying warm and toasty inside, be sure to join us for some family fun on Monday February 15th. More information will be available at, or contact the library at (519)364-1420.

New at the Library: Remote Printing

We know from speaking to library users that one thing people in the community really miss is being able to print stuff. Not everyone has a functioning printer at home, and once in a while – whether it’s for a house sale, or a government service, or a course – you really need to have a paper copy. Since we have been closed, we have not been able to offer that service.

But there is good news! The library now has a remote printing app called Princh. This program allows you to send documents from your home computer or device to our printer and have them printed out. Then they can be collected via curbside pickup. Payment can be made on-line or with cash at pickup. We are thrilled to be able to offer this new service – where there’s a will, it seems, there is a way! We invite you to read more about how it works on our website: visit

Good News for Genealogy Buffs

In the past, the wonderful genealogy resource Ancestry Library Edition has only been available to use for free in the library. We are pleased to tell you that you can now access it from home! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit our website, Click on the Koha logo on the top left.
  2. This takes you to the sign-in page. Enter your username and password – the same one you use for placing holds or doing renewals. If you don’t know what your username and password are, please contact the library at (519) 364-1420 or
  3. Once you have signed in, you will see a heading “Member Services” on the top right side. One of the services listed is Ancestry. (The other one is CPI.Q, with full-text articles from major newspapers back to 1983! Check it out too.)

If you don’t have a current membership, please contact the library to arrange for a curbside no-contact membership signup. Then you can start researching! If you would like assistance with learning how to use Ancestry Library Edition, contact Lauren at

Reminder: Appointments are required!

We need to remind everyone that doing a curbside pickup at the library of any kind of material (including printing) requires an appointment. We need to have your requests ready to go, so staff and customers do not have any contact more than is strictly required. Also, please be punctual for your appointments. We have the deliveries organized by time of appointment, and if you are very early or late, it gets confusing for everyone. We know that sometimes life happens, so if you are going to be late, call us at (519) 364-1420 and let us know. Thank you!

January 21, 2021

Family Literacy Week is Now!

Wednesday January 27th is Family Literacy Day and we’ll be celebrating all week at the library. Keep an eye on the website,, and our Facebook page, for a new activity each day. Be sure to register for our live Family Fun Trivia event which will take place Sunday January 31st at 3 pm. The family with the most points at the end will score an awesome family prize pack! 

We are also running a contest all week for families to design a postcard together. Show us where your family would love to visit: Hogwarts? Or maybe Narnia? The location can be real or imaginary or inspired by your favourite book. Postcards can be picked up through a curbside appointment at the library or printed at home from our website. Be sure to submit your finished postcard anytime through the drop box on the west side of the building, or take a picture and email submissions to

Most of all, remember to have fun and read together!

New Books and DVDs at the Library

Since 2021 began, new books, audiobooks, and movies have been flooding in from our suppliers. It’s great to have so much new stock to offer to our users, especially now when staying at home and reading, listening to a book, or watching a movie is so advisable! Here are just a few of the newest items on our shelves – place a hold or call us to do it for you if you see something you like.

New fiction

  • “Miss Julia Knows a Thing or Two” by Ann B. Ross
  • “Before She Disappeared” by Lisa Gardner
  • “Find Me in Havana” by Serena Burdick
  • “The Royal Governess: a novel of Queen Elizabeth II’s childhood” by Wendy Holden
  • “Mexican Gothic” by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
  • “The Queen’s Gambit” by Walter Tevis
  • “Ready Player Two” by Ernest Cline
  • “The Vanishing Half” by Brit Bennett
  • “Next to Last Stand” by Craig Johnson
  • “Dark August” by Katie Tallo

New non-fiction

  • “The British Baking Book” by Regula Ysewijn
  • “Hold On But Don’t Hold Still: hopw and humour from my seriously flawed life” by Kristina Kuzmic
  • “This Is Not the End of Me: lessons on living from a dying man” by Dkashana Bascaramurty
  • “War: how conflict shaped us” by Margaret MacMillan
  • “Dearly: Poems” by Margaret Atwood
  • “Two Trees Make a Forest: in search of my family’s past among Taiwan’s mountains and coasts” by Jessica Lee
  • “The Joy of Movement: how exercise helps us find happiness, hope, connection, and courage” by Kelly McGonigal
  • “Trust: America’s Best Chance” by Pete Buttigieg

New DVDs

  • “Vera: Set 10” starring Brenda Blethyn
  • “Elizabeth is Missing” starring Glenda Jackson
  • “The War with Grandpa” starring Robert de Niro
  • “Battle of the Bulge” starring Tom Berenger
  • “Honest Thief” starring Liam Neeson
  • “The Keeper” starring David Kross
  • “Playing with Fire” starring John Cena

New Audiobooks on CD

  • “Camino Winds” by John Grisham
  • “Just As I Am: a memoir” by Cicely Tyson
  • “The Black Swan of Paris” by Karen Robards
  • “Journey of the Pharaohs” by Clive Cussler
  • “Credible Threat” by J.A. Jance
  • “A Promised Land” by Barack Obama
  • “The Guest List” by Lucy Foley

January 14, 2021

The Library is Still Here For You

Once again, we are dealing with a change in our lives because of the pandemic. We are under a Stay At Home order, and it is really important that people only leave home to accomplish essential errands or go to work.

According to the provincial rules, public libraries are still allowed to offer curbside pickup service. The Hanover Public Library encourages everyone to follow the guidelines that will help to keep us all safe. We recommend that library members pick up several books and DVDs at a time so that you come out less often. Perhaps organize your essential errands so that you can do them in a short period of time: groceries, pharmacy, library pickup, then home. If you’ve been in the habit of picking up one or two books at a time, please choose enough for a month, or ask library staff to select some extras for you. You don’t have to read them all – but you may discover a new author or genre that you will enjoy. Most items are loaned for 4 weeks, and you can renew your books yourself by logging in to your account, or just call us at (519) 364-1420 or e-mail, and we can renew them for you if they aren’t on hold for anyone else. Our returns dropbox remains open for now.

We don’t know how long we will be able to continue curbside service – it depends on how effective these new measures are in flattening the curve and protecting our hospitals from overload – so make sure you are well stocked up with reading and viewing material in case things change again. Reading a good book or watching movies or television series can give you a break from thinking about the current situation and support good mental health.

We also have on-line resources available to members, such as e-books and e-audiobooks from Overdrive and Libby; streaming video from RB Digital; and we have added new ones this January to keep you entertained and learning! Ask us how, or see the e-resources page on our website for more details:

World Book: Knowledge for Everyone

Make learning fun! This year, the Hanover Public Library has added a subscription to the World Book Encyclopedia Online as part of your library membership. This resource includes different levelled options, from World Book Early Learning for toddlers and preschoolers all the way up to World Book Advanced for teens and adults.

As parents know, a Google search is not always “kid-safe” and a Wikipedia result is not necessarily reliable. The World Book Kids and World Book Student products function as a child-friendly encyclopedia at your family’s fingertips! Students can search for a specific topic that they may need to research or they can browse through the endless categories. There are articles, videos, maps and more to help supplement your child’s learning and encourage their curiosity. There is even an Activity Corner, with crafts and activities for all age groups, and even some that are correlated to curriculum. This is a wonderful resource for parents who are homeschooling or supporting virtual learning while the schools are closed.

Start exploring today at and scroll down to click on World Book.

January 7, 2021

Exploring the Birds of Ontario

We can’t currently have any in-person programs at the library, of course; but we are thrilled to present David Chapman’s show, “Exploring the Birds of Ontario II” via the library’s YouTube channel. You can find it via the link on our website,

David has presented his wonderful photo and video shows at the library many times, and they are always very popular.

In this program you will see photos and videos of songbirds as well as warblers, winter finches and herons. We will also be looking at the nesting process of owls, and a particularly popular songbird that most everyone has had the pleasure to enjoy in their own yard. This show will have humour, bloopers and facts along with stunning imagery that audiences of any age will enjoy. This program will be available for viewing on the library website for a few months, so be sure to check it out.

Grey County Reads

This month, Grey County Reads begins once more! What will be the next great book to read in Grey County? Vote daily for your favourite starting February 22, and you might win a prize!

Six great books have been selected for the 2021 Grey County Reads contest:

  • Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson
  • Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
  • From the Ashes: My Story of Being Métis, Homeless, and Finding My Way by Jesse Thistle
  • The Company We Keep by Francis Itani
  • The Overstory by Richard Powers
  • Women Talking by Miriam Toews

Find more information about Grey County Reads at or ask us at the library.

New E-Resources Available Now

As difficult as it is being locked down, this might be the perfect time to do some reading and learning using the Hanover Public Library’s wonderful on-line resources. In addition to e-books and e-audiobooks via Overdrive and Libby, and streaming video via RB Digital, we have now added some great new resources that will appeal to all ages.

Mango Languages and Little Pim: learn a new language with Mango Languages! This on-line program teaches practical conversation and simulates the way people learn when immersed in a foreign culture. Explore more than 70 world languages and ESL/ELL courses in a self paced learning environment.

Little Pim is Mango for kids – a wonderful way to keep children engaged in learning, and loads of fun, with activities and conversation.

CPI.Q: Are you missing your newspaper and magazine reading? Check out CPI.Q on our website. It includes more than 1,300 Canadian periodicals, a bilingual interface (English/French), full-text articles from 1983 forward, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, The Kitchener Waterloo Record, Maclean’s magazine, and much more.

You will need a current Hanover Library membership in order to access these resources. If you don’t have one, get in touch with us at (519)364-1420 or e-mail, and we can get you connected.